The Journey Begins

Hello everyone

I am Akhil. I am a medical student from India. I’m 23. Growing up, I started to read a lot of books and ever since I had a dream of actually writing a book. I thought I should write as much as possible and this got the idea of me starting my own blog. I started this blog just to write as much as content as possible and let you the guys be the judge of that. I am not going to write about one particular topic but just random stuff which I think could be worth writing. I welcome all kinds of criticism. I have to finish my medical licensing exams but I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can. Anyway, I think that’s enough with my introduction. I am going to try my best with some quality content and hopefully you guys read it and enjoy it and share it. Thank you for reading this.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. — Izaak Walton


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