We got this.

Where to begin. Where to begin. Can we just go back to 2019, please? I just cannot believe what’s happening so far this year. I know we all wanted some surprises this year but I’m not sure this is what we were expecting. The start to this decade hasn’t been that great and we all know that. But if you guys know me, I always try to find something good even in a bad situation. So just assume that the start of 2020 is like the first season of The Office and we all know how it turned out (watch it ASAP if you haven’t already). To be honest, I don’t even know what I am writing right now. I am just winging it as they say. I am in day 18 of my isolation period and so far it’s not as bad as I’d have imagined. I thought writing about it made more sense rather than making a video journal like in those cool sci-fi movies because let’s be honest, no one will want to see me doing that. Also, I had a little stir crazy moment that I just cut my hair using a trimmer and now I look like a beefed-up villain from a south Indian film who’s always getting beaten up by the skinny protagonist (love you Dhanush). I think this quarantine is a good idea for me to hide away from people. No, I’m not sending you pictures. Right now nobody knows how long this is going to last. The only thing we should do and give the utmost priority is social distancing. Initially, this was hard for me because spending most of the time inside the house doesn’t sound much appealing but I slowly got used to it and now it’s not so honestly speaking. They say the quickest way to somebody’s heart is through the stomach (I say it’s an incision on the middle mediastinum. “They” obviously did not go to med school), so I have been taking my culinary skills up a notch in this period. Also, cooking is a very valuable skill. Forget about impressing a person, you’ll impress yourself. Social distancing is an absolute must but it doesn’t say social media distancing. I am usually not that active on social media but boy am I firing all cylinders recently. Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Whatsapp and even Facebook. Don’t just spend too much time is all I’m gonna say. Also, it’s fun to reconnect with old friends and talk to new people. And it’s totally fine to do all of those challenges and don’t even listen to those folks who think it’s uncool to do them. I’m one of the coolest guys around and I do most of them. The saree challenge, eat a whole tub of yoghurt challenge (which I’d win btw), those AMA’s, etc. Even those Tik Tok videos are fun (I know !!). Can someone tell me how to play Catan online ,please? As long as you guys are doing something to kill the time and you got people to talk to as well, I think we will be okay. And most of the people reading this will know that we are privileged enough to have a roof over our head and food on the table during these testing times. So, please be kind to others and help them in whatever way possible and count ourselves lucky. I’m trying to do something productive as well but it’s hard I tell you. I’m trying to learn Spanish but it’s not going that well. Oh well, let’s keep trying. Now is a perfect time if you wanted to learn a new language. And finally, summer is coming but I’m not sure we will be hitting the beaches anytime soon. But do NOT give up on that beach body. I am not giving up on my six-pack either. We can exercise at home as well. You don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit. Think of it as the ultimate challenge. Staying at home for long periods can take a toll on your mental health. So it’s okay to sometimes feel down or anxious. If you feel like that, please do talk to someone. I assure you, that helps a lot. Or you can always message if you feel the need to share something. I’m here to help.
Being a doctor, I feel that I should be out there helping my colleagues rather than stay in isolation and yes, I do feel guilty that I cannot do anything to help them. So the only thing we all can do is stay at home and prevent the spread of this virus. Thank you to every health care professional and every person out there who is fighting for us. You’re the real heroes.

PS: We are all in this together. Stay strong.

An ode to 2019

Merry Christmas everyone. It’s a nice winter morning and I thought of writing something up. As the year (and decade !) is coming to a close, I thought I’d share my 2019 and how this year made a huge impact on me. Safe to say, I learned a lot this year and I felt like I have changed a lot as well for the better and and maybe for some worse but, let’s focus on the good.


I genuinely for the life of me can’t remember the last time I cried when watching a movie. Avengers Endgame changed all of that. I was sobbing at the end of the movie. That movie brought out a whole new side of emotion that I have deeply locked away for many years. I’m not saying I’m like Chandler before he opened up the floodgates or Cameron Diaz in The Holiday but man, it feels nice to cry.

You don’t have to respect everyone

Growing up, my parents and my teachers taught me that I should always respect my elders. I don’t think I agree completely with that. Not every elderly deserves respect. I met many people both young and old than me (you know who you are) who turned out to be racists, sexists, misogynists but they get away with that kind of stuff because of various factors. Such a fun world we live in.

Focus on you and you only

Ah yes, the aforementioned thing might be the most cliched thing you might read here today yet it does seem applicable to most of us. My life is pretty awesome and I thought it recently turned awesome but it was always awesome. I was comparing myself to other people around me. That did a number on me. Nowadays, I really stopped caring about others do and man, I feel at peace with myself. My journey is mine and mine alone and so should yours be.

Stay Healthy and/or Happy

2019 was a phenomenal year for me in terms of change and physical change was no less. For me, it was getting in the best shape of my life. It is super hard but at the same time, the results are quite fulfilling and motivating. I’m far from where I want to be but the progress is satisfying. Everyone’s version of healthiness or fitness differs, so there isn’t one constant parameters for being fit. You be you.

Rejection hurts but you gotta move on

We all know what kind of rejection I am talking about here. When you like someone, just tell that person directly and stop stalking the shit outta them. If they aren’t interested, respect their wishes and try to move on. Don’t let our Indian films brainwash you into thinking you’ll magically end up together just like at the end of the movie. Never gonna happen dude. It’s just one person. You haven’t even seen the rest of the world. Trust me, you’ll find that special someone or worst case scenario, I’m sure your parents will find you one.

Stop judging

I never judge people but at the same time, I am shocked to find so many people around me who judge people based on their clothing, relationship history, physical appearance and the worst i.e their gender. I can’t fathom as to why people do this. Let’s just mind our own business and live a non judgemental life please ?

Do something you are afraid to do

Little bit of a backstory here. I am shit scared of height, spiders, bikes and lots of other things. If I’m on the balcony on the 4th floor, I am going to hold your hand for sure or stay behind you. That’s how scared I am of heights. So, to actually fight this fear, I decided to do a crazy thing in Feb of this year. I actually thought of booking a session for skydiving when I was living in Florida. On the website, after entering my credit card details, I only had to hit confirm. Except, I closed the tab and chickened out. Okay okay, I’m sounding like a hypocrite here because I haven’t done it but I swear to you, I’m gonna do it next year (my palms suddenly feel sweaty). If I don’t do it, next round is on me. So, just do it man. YOLO.

Be Selfish

Ah yes, this might sound selfish but that’s exactly what I want to be. I honestly don’t have the energy to care about everyone I know. I wish I could but that would drain everything out of me. Whenever random people message me out of the blue asking for my help, I just ignore them because I just don’t have that energy. I was actually a pretty nice guy but people took that to advantage. Now I am definitely no more Mr Nice Guy. Unless, you are pretty close to me or it’s actually a pretty serious help, chances are you won’t get an affirmative from my end. Call me selfish because that’s exactly what I am.

Dress the way you want

I was always scared to dress nicely or differently because I was afraid how people might judge me which sounds very stupid but that’s how I thought. I slowly started to come out of that shell and started to experiment the way I dress. It turns out that it was dumb of me to be scared. Honestly, turns out most people don’t care what I wear. They do have a life of their own to live. So, I was the idiot here. My fashion sense has definitely upped a lot and so has the money I spend on clothes. I’ve got competition for you Ranveer.

We need to talk about mental well being

We are soon going into a new decade and people still associate mental illness with a lot of stigma. Sometimes the answer to being down or depressed is neither ice cream nor comfort food or just a night of good sleep. It’s actually talking to someone who is close to you or who is qualified i.e a therapist. There are a wide array of diseases in the spectrum and people don’t even know that some of them are actually clear diagnoses. Being a doctor, I urge everyone not to discard or make fun of people who might be doing through some tough times and actually try to help them. There is too much stigma in our country regarding mental health and we need to eradicate it.

Some of you might think that I am crazy to actually reveal my weaknesses to the world. It might sound crazy but everyone has them and I don’t think it’s weird to actually share some with the world especially when it might be of use some to others. Nobody is perfect. We all have some flaws. Letting people know that you have some might actually make them more aware of you as a person rather than inadvertently hurting you.

2019 was a fun year. I made new friends. I lost some friends. I fell in love. I grew as a person. Sometimes it was harsh and rough. Other times, it was warm and mellow. At times, it was just okay. I guess that’s just life in general. I know I have a lot of cliches in here but I just love them damn cliches. I hope everyone had an amazing year and I wish you the same for 2020 and beyond.

PS : Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year !

25 to LIFE

The year is 1994. I wasn’t born yet and Brazil had just won the FIFA World Cup in USA beating Italy on penalties. Not so far away in the Los Angeles area, Marta Kauffman and David Crane started developing a TV pilot for the fall season. They pitched a show about a group of 6 friends in their 20s living in New York City. The idea for the series was conceived when Crane and Kauffman began thinking about the time when they had finished college and started living by themselves in New York. Friends was a very unique show of that time. It started airing at a time when Jerry Seinfeld was dominating television. His show Seinfeld is one of the greatest sitcoms I have ever watched. You can argue that the 80s and 90s was a golden age of television for NBC with shows like Cheers, Seinfeld and Frasier lapping up the awards. Then came this show about a group of 6 friends living in New York City. There wasn’t really anything special about this show early on. It seemed like a very nonchalant show. Then slowly as the series progressed, it became a special part of my life. Till this day, Friends is my favourite show of all time.

It’s about sex, love, relationships, careers, a time in your life when everything’s possible. And it’s about friendship because when you’re single and in the city, your friends are your family. “
— The original treatment used by Crane, Kauffman and Bright to pitch the series to NBC

I first watched this show back in 2010 when I was 15. Granted, I couldn’t understand some of the jokes but this show resonated a lot with me and was probably the reason why I kept watching it. The earlier season were arguably the best seasons of this show but there wasn’t really a bad season. Every season was a solid 7/10 which was a rare achievement for a show that lasted 10 years. This show introduced me to American pop culture and I haven’t looked back.

Season 1 Cast Photo

Ross and Rachel were probably the first couple on television that I shipped and I was ecstatic when they finally get together in season 2 only for Ross to screw it up a year later. (You were on a break buddy but that doesn’t mean you can sleep with someone else). I was so damn pissed at him but then came Monica and Chandler, arguably my favourite couple on the show. They are so different from each other yet they looked perfect together. I do relate a lot with Chandler more than the other characters. So, I was ecstatic when they broke that boundary in London and he got his girl. Joey is the one character we all need in our life. He is one person who’d do anything for his friends. Phoebe is weird and I just love her for the way she is. Why be normal when you can be weird. Phoebe taught me that.

Love and Relationships are important in life. This show taught me that.

I could literally go on and on about this show but let me tell you why this is one of the most significant and cultural landmarks in the history of pop culture. It has the most simplistic theme in life. The core is and always was about friendship and love. Those two are the most beautiful things in life. This is the reason why everyone found it relatable and probably why they loved it as well. Deep down, aren’t we all looking for that special someone to watch Friends with eh ? And another thing which I learned was that, sometimes it’s okay to be confused and not knowing what you want to do in life. I know I’ll get there eventually. The 20s are the period where you are trying new stuff and shaping your future. Mistakes will be made but it’s better to make them now and learn from them.

Season 10 Cast Photo.

Thank you Ms Kauffman and Mr Crane for creating this show. This show gave me laughs and tears and hopefully everyone in future generations will continue to watch it and make a quintessential staple in the world. Do watch the show if you haven’t already. Thanks y’all. Take care.

A challenge in May

Barney Stinson and I have a lot in common. Not only are we both awesome, look good in suits and tuxes, we also like a challenge. The month of May is one of my least favourite months in recent times. Sure, up until a few years back, I used to get summer holidays. Now, not so much. So anyway, I wanted to do something I have never done before. I wanted to set a challenge for myself. I decided that I won’t eat outside food for a month. Yes, that means no dining out, no takeout, no deliveries, no going to Sai Ram Parlour at 2 am for some yummy fried rice. Zilch. This was a daunting task, especially for me because I like to eat out. I mean, who doesn’t ?

So, writing this on the 31st of May, unless I go rouge in the next few hours, I am happy to say that I have successfully completed this challenge. And no, it was not easy at all. For me, not eating out was like having a the keys to a Mustang and not driving it at all. You drive around town and look at the restaurants with those names and tell me they aren’t calling you to come and order something good. I could swear that one time when I was driving by my regular old haunt, I could swear I heard the place calling out to me in a very weird whispering voice “Akhil, you know you want to come to me” . Thankfully, I didn’t listen to the devil on my shoulder and just drove on. Initially it was tough but then as the month stretched, I dove myself into my regular old routine and I haven’t looked back. Here are a few things which I learned when I completed my challenge.


I mean, it’s sounds very obvious right. But I checked my average spendings when I go out for a meal or a snack per month. It was significant. So not eating out definitely made my bank balance healthy which made my parents a little happy I hope.

Maybe the shopping made me broke. Dang.


I kid you not. Okay, a ton may be a little exaggerating. But it was significant. I mean a lot of people kept telling I did lose quite a chunk. I gotta be honest, it did feel good. Only downside I guess is that a lot of my clothes have become loose. Upside ? More shopping. My point about saving money becomes more useless as you read this. Anyway, on to the next thing.


And not just to fill my water bottles or use the microwave. This is the best thing that has happened to me in the past month. So, since I started this challenge, I knew that I still have to eat food. With my parents out of the country, now was the perfect time to actually experiment with some cooking. Not only I wanted to cook and eat, I also wanted to eat healthy. So I stopped eating rice because carbs FTW. I went to the store and bought some organic quinoa. Those freaking seeds changed my month for sure. They are so damn delicious. I’m not saying I am the next Ramsay but cooking your own food, no matter how bad it tastes (it didn’t thankfully) gives you some satisfaction which is hard to get out. I am happy that I finally started to learn cooking. It’s never too late people. Also, cooking is sexy !! Isn’t that right ladies ? πŸ˜‰ ( You can PM me with your answers ).


Okay, this might sound like I’m grasping at straws (straws are bad btw) but whenever I go out with some friends for a lunch or dinner, we usually order more than we can eat and the food is wasted. You know, nothing is more sad than wasted food for me. And also, take away and delivery and doggy bags are again all packed in plastic. So I definitely think I did reduce my footprint this month. And if you do go out for a meal, don’t order way too much. Food is secondary when you go out with the gang anyway. It’s all about the gossip.


When you go to the same place again and again, you do make some friends. Be it the cashier or the guy who makes my chicken roll. So, I still go to some of my old places. I mean, it’s unthinkable for me to not go to Creme Shakes on a saturday night. That’s like the most routine thing ever for me to do in Vizag. Well, I still go every there Saturday. I say hello and buy some water instead of a milk shake because sugars FTW. I do go to B-treats from time and time and say hello and chat and buy a frooti instead of biryani.

So overall, this month was pretty solid. Of course, I got back to my studying but also I tried something new which was pretty cool for me. I saved some money (fingers crossed I did) lost weight and apparently look in decent shape and started to love to cook. This was my best May since 2016 for sure.

Now, I am going to play devil’s advocate here. This is to all the people out there who might think that I acted like an idiot by writing this stuff because you aren’t living at home or are way too busy with work to have time for cooking and the only option for you is to eat out. I know it’s super difficult if you are living in a hostel or something along that line. Believe me, I have gone through that as well. This was something which I tried and I was happy with the results I got and I wanted to share it you. So relax, I didn’t mean you.

And to those, who actually have the opportunity and to those who don’t own a restaurant (sorry), try this. I can assure you that at the end of the month or even two weeks, you might actually start to like it. Until next time, adios y cuidate !

Something I cooked up !

PS : Those lovely GIFs were from giphy.

I am an idiot. Don’t be like me.

You’ll eventually reach where you want to be. Later if not sooner. But you’ll reach there. That’s what matters the most. Enjoy the ride.

It’s okay to be a little crazy once in a while. YOLO

Holy Crap. Today, I turned twenty four. Sometimes I wish I was like Peter Pan, the boy who never grew up and could also fly which is very cool. That number suddenly has got alarm bells ringing in my head. I was like what the hell am I doing with my life. At the age of 24, with no job on the horizon so far and a personal life almost non existent and a lot of my friends and colleagues taking their steps in their careers, it suddenly hit me that the reason why I was down was because I was being a complete idiot. I have been doing one thing which a lot of people have advised me NOT to do. I was comparing myself with others. This is probably what shattered my self confidence.

Every person is unique. I always felt that I had this low self esteem regarding a lot of things. I mean, yeah no one is perfect but my chase of perfection is the stupidest thing that I have ever done. A lot of my friends recently are going to start their careers in the field of medicine and they are going to change the world. I am so happy for them but then then I start acting stupid and again these thoughts started racing in my mind. I was like “Dude, when are you going to get your shit together ?”. The thing is I actually have a clear plan to where I wanna go. So technically, I think I got my shit together but the only thing is that my journey is a little longer than usual. It took me a long while to finally grasp that and I still wonder if I may be able to hold it long enough. Hence, I wrote this post because whenever I start acting like the idiot that I am, I can read this and probably curse myself and say “Right, let’s continue our journey”.

I just hope no one out there is like me but if you are, then I only tell you one thing. Stop comparing yourself to others. Nothing good can come from that. You are a wonderful human being and you will reach where you want to go if not now, then later. Right now I am at peace with myself but I fear that is gonna get disturbed sooner rather than later and this post is going to be a constant remainder for me. So I conclude that 24 is not that old. Oh wait, I feel old, cold and alone again. Never mind, going through this post again. This feels like a shit post but some shit is good right ? Going to have some good whiskey before Endgame tonight. You have a good weekend. Bye !

Small changes lead to big beautiful differences. Let’s do this.

Firstly, I want to thank everyone who has read my first post. I received a lot of messages of support. It was very overwhelming and I just want to thank everyone from the bottom of my heart. The encouragement people gave me was absolutely mind-blowing and I will try my best to write good stuff from time to time. Thank you again for the support.

” The question is, are we happy to suppose that our grandchildren may never be able to see an elephant except in a picture book?

Sir David Attenborough

Over the past few days, I was watching this documentary on Netflix called “Our Planet”. This was narrated by Sir David Attenborough, fondly called as Britain’s national treasure. Watching this show was an eye opener to me. It showed all kinds of wildlife all over the world and how they survive amongst themselves. It was beautifully shown with Sir David’s voice the cherry on the top. The message of the documentary was very clear. We need to change if we want to protect our flora and fauna.

Scientists estimate we are now losing species at 1,000 to 10,000 times the background rate, with literally dozens going extinct every day. It could be a scary future indeed, with as many as 30 to 50 percent of all species possibly heading toward extinction by mid-century”


A Crash of Rhinoceros at Kilimanjaro Safaris in Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL.

I always wondered why I loved watching animals. Watching an animal brings some kind of unexplained happiness. Animals that are even rare to watch bring even more joy when we catch just a small glimpse of them. The reason always evaded me but I couldn’t care less why. Remember the good old days of packing a big lunch and going to the zoo ? These days when I go, I always feel that I see less animals than before. I just assumed that there were less animals in the cages and more were free out in the wild. That was far from it. The bitter truth is that the population of animals is suffering. Why is this happening ? This has started to occur as recently as the 20th century. Did you know what happened between in 20th century ? My best bet would be population explosion and industrialisation. Animals don’t need many things to survive unlike us humans. Most of them just need food, a mate and shelter to survive. Animals are supposed to get eaten too. That’s all part of the food web which maintains that intricate balance. But you know what disturbed this balance ? Good ol’ humans. We are indirectly causing the suffering and the inevitable decline of thousands of species. Sir David did say one thing that is still in my head. It’s ISN’T too late to change ourselves. We can see massive results in a short duration of time even if we take small steps.

For me, a trip to the zoo was incomplete if I did not see this magnificent beast.

I’m sure all of you know plastic is bad. But do you know why is it bad for wildlife ? Plastic should actually be recycled but the sad truth is that there is too much to recycle it. The rest of the plastic is dumped in water bodies. So, the wildlife which lives in the oceans and other water bodies ingest the plastic which is lethal to the marine wildlife. Plastic materials which are floating in the water also make it hard for the dissolved oxygen to penetrate into the water. So the animals can’t breathe and because of this the survival becomes a lot more difficult.

You know that the fish or any seafood we cook and eat may NOT be safe at all. What if a fish ate some minute amount of plastic and then a fisherman caught the fish and sold it to the local market. Then you go buy the fish and cook it and eat it. The plastic in there was so little that even if we clean it thoroughly, it going to be highly unlikely to get rid of it all. So we eat the fish thinking it was clean but we also ate some plastic as well. Now imagine this happened on a regular basis. So ultimately the humans are ingesting plastic which is bad for us as well.

Spotting a blue whale is a life long dream of mine.

The plastic also affects land animals. Some people dump plastic on the ground. Stray animals try to the eat it because the plastic is usually some kind of foot item. They eat whatever little food is left over but also eat a whole lot of plastic. That is terrible for them. It can get stuck in their intestines causing blockade, the plastic can get stuck on the wings of birds not enabling them fly properly or can get stuck on the legs of animals which make them more difficult to escape their predator.

Plastic Straws are big NO nowadays. They are very harmful to animals.

I genuinely think that by single handedly reducing the use of plastic, we can make a huge difference in preserving the wildlife. I want to share some basic hacks that can actually cut some significant chuck of plastic from our daily use.

We need to take better care of our beaches.
  1. When I go shopping, I always try to carry my own bags. Whether I’m shopping at Spencers, More etc bringing my own bag actually means I don’t have to take a plastic bag from the supermarket. They have also started charging for the bags so more people try to save money by bringing their own bags. Replace plastic bags with jute bags/cloth bags/paper bags which are way more eco friendly.
  2. Say NO to straws. They are tall and sharp. They are very very toxic because they can very easily get stuck in the throats of animals.
  3. Stop buying plastic water bottles, soda, soft drinks and other sugary drinks because not only are they plastic material but also bad for our health. Bring your own reusable non plastic water bottle.
  4. Request your online retailer like Amazon, Flipkart etc to hold back on the overzealous packaging of air filled plastic bags for books and other small items.
  5. Go Digital. I think these days most of us have got high speed internet. And if you do, start streaming with Netflix, Hotstar, Prime Video etc instead of buying discs.
Avoid buying plastic bottles as much as possible

These are just few simple changes if done for a significant period of time will definitely make some positive impact on the environment and the wildlife. I want everyone who are reading this to try and reduce our plastic footprint by adopting some of the ways described above. I also request you to share any other ways we can reduce the plastic use by giving a comment. Small changes when done a large scale can have the biggest impact on the environment. Always remember the 3 R’s – Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

Please watch the documentary “Our Planet” which is currently streaming on Netflix worldwide. Sir David narrates what I believe is a masterpiece.

I want to end by saying that it’s never too late. I am going to try my best to reduce my plastic footprint and so should you. Let’s take baby steps in making a significant change for a better planet and a better future. Thank you.

Sir David Attenborough poses for photographers upon arrival at the BAFTA Television awards in central London, Sunday, May 10, 2015. (Photo by Joel Ryan/Invision/AP)

Home aWAy from Home. My love letter to Seattle.

My first time visiting the US was pretty surreal. You know, growing up watching a lot of Western movies and television shows, I was really excited to come to this country. I must admit that American culture really influenced me. Of course, it was nothing like in the movies when I first visited here back in 2014. My sister moved to Seattle in early 2014 and has been living here ever since. She has her own family here now. She is mom to a dog called Bruno and got married after finding love here. I visited first back in 2014. My first trip outside India. It was a culture shock to me initially. But then I got used to it. The people here are absolutely amazing. Then most people in America are like that which I learnt later when I lived in the East coast for a few months.

The Space Needle on a gorgeous evening with Cascade Range in the background.

First time here, I did mostly the touristy stuff like visiting the Space Needle, Pike Place Market, taking an Argosy Cruise and so on. Living in downtown helped a lot as I could just go out and roam around on my own. The first trip was definitely memorable and I felt that I had more trips coming up. Until then, I had no definitive plans for my future. I was still in my 2nd year of medical school back in India and I was just visiting anyway. But I thought maybe living here wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Then I slowly started planning for my “future” which meant doing nothing really productive other than just browsing the internet for hours and hours.

Fast forward to 2019, I still keep visiting Seattle because of family but I know for sure that family isn’t the only reason why I keep coming back to this city. I think that there is a little part of me that has fell in love with this city which I find it very scary because I know for a fact that the chances of me ever living here are next to none. But I know for a fact that as long as my family lives here, I’ll keep coming back and I’m pretty chuffed about it.

Seattle is known for its picturesque natural beauty. No wonder people here love to do outdoorsy stuff even though it rains for more than half of the time. Some people call the weather here dark and gloomy but I just love the weather here. It’s so beautiful when it rains here. Maybe it’s just me but I’ll take the rain all day over bright scorching sunlight. This city is a proper sports city. They have an American football team, a football team (yes FOOTBALL !!) and a baseball team as well. And their fans are absolutely amazing. I have been to a few Sounders’ games and I feel that that their fans are the loudest in the country.

Now we can’t talk about Seattle and not mention technology. Amazon was actually founded here and Microsoft has it’s HQ in nearby Redmond. And the airplane manufacture Boeing has it’s HQ in Renton as well. And did you know that Starbucks was founded here and the first ever Starbucks in the world is actually at Pike Place and yes, there is a HUGE line (usually 30-45 mins wait time) to enter the coffee shop.

I wanted to dedicate my first post to this Seattle because this is where I got this idea of starting a blog. Seattle will probably always be my second favourite city in the world. My favourite city will and forever always be my hometown of Vizag, in South India. You haven’t seen the last of me Seattle. I will keep coming back because you have always been so welcoming to me and millions of other visitors. Thank you for being a special place to me forever and always.

The Journey Begins

Hello everyone

I am Akhil. I am a medical student from India. I’m 23. Growing up, I started to read a lot of books and ever since I had a dream of actually writing a book. I thought I should write as much as possible and this got the idea of me starting my own blog. I started this blog just to write as much as content as possible and let you the guys be the judge of that. I am not going to write about one particular topic but just random stuff which I think could be worth writing. I welcome all kinds of criticism. I have to finish my medical licensing exams but I will try my best to update this blog as much as I can. Anyway, I think that’s enough with my introduction. I am going to try my best with some quality content and hopefully you guys read it and enjoy it and share it. Thank you for reading this.

Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter. β€” Izaak Walton