We got this.

Where to begin. Where to begin. Can we just go back to 2019, please? I just cannot believe what’s happening so far this year. I know we all wanted some surprises this year but I’m not sure this is what we were expecting. The start to this decade hasn’t been that great and we all know that. But if you guys know me, I always try to find something good even in a bad situation. So just assume that the start of 2020 is like the first season of The Office and we all know how it turned out (watch it ASAP if you haven’t already). To be honest, I don’t even know what I am writing right now. I am just winging it as they say. I am in day 18 of my isolation period and so far it’s not as bad as I’d have imagined. I thought writing about it made more sense rather than making a video journal like in those cool sci-fi movies because let’s be honest, no one will want to see me doing that. Also, I had a little stir crazy moment that I just cut my hair using a trimmer and now I look like a beefed-up villain from a south Indian film who’s always getting beaten up by the skinny protagonist (love you Dhanush). I think this quarantine is a good idea for me to hide away from people. No, I’m not sending you pictures. Right now nobody knows how long this is going to last. The only thing we should do and give the utmost priority is social distancing. Initially, this was hard for me because spending most of the time inside the house doesn’t sound much appealing but I slowly got used to it and now it’s not so honestly speaking. They say the quickest way to somebody’s heart is through the stomach (I say it’s an incision on the middle mediastinum. “They” obviously did not go to med school), so I have been taking my culinary skills up a notch in this period. Also, cooking is a very valuable skill. Forget about impressing a person, you’ll impress yourself. Social distancing is an absolute must but it doesn’t say social media distancing. I am usually not that active on social media but boy am I firing all cylinders recently. Snapchat, Instagram, Reddit, Whatsapp and even Facebook. Don’t just spend too much time is all I’m gonna say. Also, it’s fun to reconnect with old friends and talk to new people. And it’s totally fine to do all of those challenges and don’t even listen to those folks who think it’s uncool to do them. I’m one of the coolest guys around and I do most of them. The saree challenge, eat a whole tub of yoghurt challenge (which I’d win btw), those AMA’s, etc. Even those Tik Tok videos are fun (I know !!). Can someone tell me how to play Catan online ,please? As long as you guys are doing something to kill the time and you got people to talk to as well, I think we will be okay. And most of the people reading this will know that we are privileged enough to have a roof over our head and food on the table during these testing times. So, please be kind to others and help them in whatever way possible and count ourselves lucky. I’m trying to do something productive as well but it’s hard I tell you. I’m trying to learn Spanish but it’s not going that well. Oh well, let’s keep trying. Now is a perfect time if you wanted to learn a new language. And finally, summer is coming but I’m not sure we will be hitting the beaches anytime soon. But do NOT give up on that beach body. I am not giving up on my six-pack either. We can exercise at home as well. You don’t need to hit the gym to stay fit. Think of it as the ultimate challenge. Staying at home for long periods can take a toll on your mental health. So it’s okay to sometimes feel down or anxious. If you feel like that, please do talk to someone. I assure you, that helps a lot. Or you can always message if you feel the need to share something. I’m here to help.
Being a doctor, I feel that I should be out there helping my colleagues rather than stay in isolation and yes, I do feel guilty that I cannot do anything to help them. So the only thing we all can do is stay at home and prevent the spread of this virus. Thank you to every health care professional and every person out there who is fighting for us. You’re the real heroes.

PS: We are all in this together. Stay strong.